We are a trading company, located in Berlin , marketing products from Polish
natural stone producers in “Old Europe”, with whom we have developed business
relations. We have had much success selling these products in Germany , the
Netherlands and Switzerland .

Our three main products are:
Stonemasonry and sculptural works for renovated and newly erected buildings. For
this kind of work, we don’t just rely on Polish sandstone but also work with
sandstone and limestone from Germany , Spain , Portugal and England . This stone is either bought up by our company directly or else put at our disposal for free through subcontracting.

Mounted elements for modern facades, created from Polish
sandstone, namely from Deutmannsdorf, Skala, Smilow and Brenna.

Diverse garden and landscape construction products, fashioned from the sandstone of Deutmannsdorf, Lower Silesia : wall or column copings, fence pillars, base stones, rough hewn facings, polygonal pallets, boulders, wall stones and so on.

We provide high-quality products, keep our deadlines, and exercise a high degree of flexibility as a matter of course.

For our production, we only use natural stone that has the relevant EU testing